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A Machine Expert in Manufacturing, Industrial Equipment & Machines, and Automation Devices

Dr. William Howard is a Machine Design Engineer who specializes in industrial equipment and automation devices. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Software Development, as well as 25+ years of experience working with machines, equipment, and automation, Dr. Howard is a specialist in electro-mechanical equipment -- any type of machine, device or automation equipment. He is an expert in OSHA standards and ANSI regulations, as well as safety guards and machine guarding.

Dr. William Howard is a machine expert who has designed and developed equipment for manufacturing factories and plants across the United States. These machines include conveyors, automation devices, robots and robotic machines, cartoners, hi-speed machines, stacking & sorting machines, and packaging equipment.

Dr. Howard is a manufacturing expert with 25+ years experience with OSHA regulations, ANSI standards, and CE regulations. He has designed and developed hundreds of machines -- over $100 million in total value -- which are currently operating around the world, in over 30 countries. Much of his career has been spent actually inside manufacturing factories ... designing and developing machinery and electromechanical devices while working at an industrial manfacturing site. In a given year, he may work with 10-30 different manufacturing factories consulting in many different manufacturing areas.

If you are looking for a machinery expert who truly understands the design process for equipment, machines and automation equipment -- a machine expert with many years experience actually developing equipment -- then you have come to the right website.

  • 27+ Years Experience
  • 100s of Factories
  • 1000s of Machines
  • All Industries
  • Multiple Patents
  • PhD in Machinery
  • Professional Engineer
  • MBA

Expert Witness experience in Patent Infringement, Tort, Trade Secret and Contract Dispute cases.

Dr. William Stamps Howard is a practicing machinery design engineer with five patents in the field of Industrial Machinery. He has broad first-hand experience in the design, development, and engineering of industrial machinery, machines, equipment, and automation. He is experienced with Intellectual Property and Tort litigation, and has been retained as an expert witness in many cases since 2004.

Dr. William Howard's resume highlights include a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, BS degrees in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and an MBA.

Dr. William Howard is one of the leading machine specialists in the southeastern US. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in NJ, GA, and AL. He has worked with thousands of machines in hundreds of factories.

Machine Expert Witness CV
Dr. William S. Howard Is a practicing Machinery Design Engineer, with an on-going Consulting Practice to assist Manufacturing companies in the Design and development of machinery and electro-mechanical devices.

He specializes exclusively in automation, Machines and Equipment..

When you need an expert in Industrial Machines, Automation, and Equipment...

A Practicing Machinery Design Engineer
Dr. William Stamps Howard has helped dozens of companies design and build hundreds of machines, through his machinery design company ( website). He is very familiar with OSHA and ANSI standards for a machine. He possess a wide knowledge of machinery, throughout many various industries.

Machine Guarding Info

OSHA Machine Info

Intellectual Property Info

Dr. Howard was hired by OSHA as an expert witness in Industrial Machinery for an OSHA Regulations enforcement case.

The turning point in the entire case occurred when we brought Dr. Howard onboard, and had him go through the entire set of documentation and drawings, at our offices here in Chicago... - Mike Padden, partner at Howrey

For this, and other references to previous Intellectual Property and Tort cases as a expert witness, see the website page linked below:

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